An Overview of Vietnamese Thien (Zen) transmission lineages

Due to it's unique geographical position Vietnam recieved not only Theravāda but also Mahāyana and Zen transmissions over an extended period of time. Below you find some of the Thien (Zen) contacts which influenced the development of Thien in Vietnam.

Early Indian Lineage:

Tang Hoi (3rd century C.E) A meditation teacher and Sutra translator is said by some to have "founded" the Thien-Tradition.

A later Indian Lineage:

The Indian Dhyāna Master Dharmadeva taught in Northern Vietnam in the 5th century.
|_Thich Hue Thang (vietnamese disciple)

An early Chinese Lineage:

3. Chinese Patriarch: Kanchi Sōsan (j.) Chieh-chih Sng-ts'an (wg) (?-606)
|_Vinitaruci/ Ty Ni Da Lu Chi (? - 594) brought Ch'an to North Vietnam in ca. 580. The Ty Ni Da Lu Chi school continued for 19 generationens, about 650 years.

Nangaku Ejo Lineage:

Hyakujō Ekai (j.), Pai-chang Huai-hai (wg) (720-814)
|__Wu Yen T'ung/Vō Ngōn Thōng) arrived in Giao Chi, Tonkin around 820 CE and founded the Vō Ngōn Thōng Lineage which lasted more than 17 generations.

Yn-mens (Ummons) Lineage:

Hsueh-tou Ming-chueh (vietn. Tuye't-Ddau Minh-Gia'c, 980-1052) Compiler of the Pi Yen Lu (jap. Hekigan-roku)
|_17 Dharma heirs
|_Ts'ao-tung (Thao Duong)(chin. Ts'ao Tang) ----> Thao Dong School

Lin-Chi Yangqi (Rinzai Yogi) Lineage:

Nguyen Thieu (? - 1712) of the chinese Lin-Chi Yangqi (Rinzai Yogi) school came from China to Hue, in 1683 in founded the Thāp-Thap-Tempel, and in 1696 established the Lam Te School.
|_Reformer Lieu Quan (1670 - 1774/1742) Dharmagrandson of Nguyen Thieu. very syncreatic (Practiced Thoai-ddau (chin. Hua-t'ou, jap. Wato - a form of Koan-Practice)
|_6 generations
|_ Thanh Quy Chan Tiet (?-1968)
|_Trung Quang Nhat Hanh (Thich Nhat Hanh), The 42th generation after Master Linchi (Rinzai) and the 8th generation after Master Lieu Quan.

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